“a companion trained to assist a woman during
childbirth and may provide support to the family
after the baby is born.”

Let Doula Philosophy Do For You
83+ Families Served

Support Services Offered

We are here to assist you in the ways you need; you can depend on us.


Congratulations on your maternity journey! We can aid in exploring the ways we can prepare for your baby’s arrival including planning and education.


Labor and delivery will be significant in your journey to becoming a parent and meeting your baby, let’s execute your ideal experience and goals.


With baby home, you may need some help in a changed environment. We will explore how to care for baby and home dynamics.

Plan Ahead

Working with us, we will begin to envision how you wish to be cared for in your maternal journey and the role you want Doula Philosophy to play.

Process  Worries

Ask Questions

Share Your Needs

Learn Your Baby

Prenatal Visit

Access to Doula


This one hour consultation will be used to discuss your goals around your ideal birthing experience. From this conversation, we will collaborate to  create a plan that is comforting and one that you can look forward to.


Let's face it newborns are not your bestfriend and have the unique ability to communicate (barely) without words. We'll discuss tones, cues and what to expect with a newborn.
- Swaddling
- Holding
- Diapering
- Feeding
- Safe Sleep
- First 24hrs  
with Baby

Labor, Birth
& Delivery

24/7 On Call at 37 wks

40hrs Virtual Care

Partner Consultation

Birth Consult

As your doula my main objective is to prepare you and your partner to make the best evidence based decisions for yourselves and your baby; as well as make you aware of your rights and options.


We will be available to you in-person to guide as you prepare for birth as well as navigate questions and concerns.
- 2+ Prenatal Visits
- 8hrs Postpartum Care
- 24/7 on call
- Partner Consult
- Birth Plan Consult


Although we are not in-person, we will provide the same level of support, guidance to help navigate you through yoru birth journey.
- 40hrs Virtual Care
- 24/7 on call
- Birth Plan Consult
-Meal Prep

$2,650 investment

Cost should not be a barrier to care, please inquire about financial aid.

*As a result of my Midwifery training, in-person doula service availability is extremely limited. Please inquire about your due date via email or send a message. I am also happy to refer other great doulas that service the same area.

Postpartum Around-the-Clock Care

Welcome home! Settling in with baby is an adjustment;
let us care for you and your family in ways you didn’t know you needed--or maybe you did.

Daytime Care: $35/hr
(4hr minimum)

Newborn care while parents rest, run errands, work, help managing baby and/or other children during a day out. This includes feeding baby, baby bathing and care, bottle and laundry washing, and swaddling.

Nighttime Care: $38/hr
(4hr minimum)

This time is defined as anytime between 6pm and 6am. During this shift, support is provided in helping baby’s sleep schedule, bathing, or tending to preparation tasks (laundry or bottle washing).

Overnight: $300/night

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep! I offer the “night shift” services so that you and your partner can get much needed rest.
I will tend to your baby’s every need so that you can relax and sleep soundly with the knowledge that your newborn is being well-cared for.