A Labor of Love

Birth is a universal language. Becoming a doula will become one of the most important hallmarks of your life’s journey. To be with a woman and her village in the most vulnerable moments of her existence is breathtaking.

An Honorable Role of
Profound Responsibility

As a doula there is a profound responsibility to your clients to ensure their safety, comfort and rights. You will learn techniques to advocate for them and educate them through their journey.

Our Mission? Train Doula's Who Are:

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Through 4 specialized courses, live virtual sessions, virtual meetings, students will prepare for hands-on experience.
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With this training, students will feel empowered to put their knowledge into practice.

Meet your Instructor



I've been a birth and postpartum doula for the past three years and in this time I have attended countless deliveries. I've decided to pursue becoming a midwife as well but continue to teach the skills it takes to become a doula, which I love so much.

Doula Philosophy and the Training Academy was created in response to the need for doulas who are conscious, compassionate and seek justice.

This course has been curated with attention paid to every detail. I am looking forward to seeing you in class!

Training Basics:

Doula Technique

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Black Maternal Health

Childbirth Education

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Postpartum & Business Basics

Doula Training Academy Learning Outcomes

Doula Training Academy course curriculum is centered around the mission of cultivating conscious, compassionate, and capable doulas specializing in areas of social and reproductive justice. This is important to remember as students navigate the courses because it is connected to the individuals and families we serve at Doula Philosophy.

Developing doulas under this mission is accomplished by converging evidence based knowledge, practices and research with the core values of Doula Training Academy.

- Justice
- Faith
- Compassion
- Growth

In these courses, students will have the opportuntiy to bring in their prior knowledge and experiences as we explore topics and issues related to anatomy of pregnancy, pain management, and labor & delivery.

What's Included

  • A comprehensive doula training workshop led by Adriana with online portion of study or a online training program
  • Certification Manual & Doula Philosophy Workbook
  • Access to Zoom sessions with Adriana for peer to peer and practical learning
  • Assistance with business foundations to kick start your business

Train With Us!

Take the next step towards learning about being a doula
and making an impact on families in your community.



Pay in 1 installment per course
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    Reading Materials
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    Evaluative Assessments
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    Virtual Meetings



Pay in 1, 2, 4, or 8 installments
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    All 4 required courses
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    Reading Materials
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    Evaluative Assesments
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    Virtual Meetings

Make it Official,
Get Certified

Becoming a certified doula means you’re ready to seal the deal on your learning experience! Upon completion of the certification, you will also receive a certification manual, Doula Philosophy Workbook, access to additional guidance from Adriana and a comprehensive doula training workshop led by Adriana.
  • Complete all four courses
  • Complete breastfeeding requirement
  • Read and sign our standards of practice and vision, mission and values
  • Complete written exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • Attend a minimum of three births with complete summaries of each
  • Receive reviews/evaluations from four people that witnessed you in doula practice
  • Completion of social justice coursework with proof (can be substituted for selected reading with essay)
The cost of certification is $200

If you have any questions please email us at doulaphilosophy@gmail.com