For the past four years I've had the immense honor of aiding over 100 families in achieving their goals in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

The most consistent comment from families of color who desire doula care is the lack of diversity.

In a 2017 report of live births in Massachusetts of the over 70,000 births,

7,251 of those were Black women.

There are currently SEVEN Black doulas registered on a leader in doula searches and SistaMidwives a leader in Black doula search, combined.

For many the cost of doula training is a major barrier to becoming Doulas. This scholarship is completely dedicated to training and certifying potential doulas at no cost.

This scholarship is dedicated to the lives of Black women and training Black doulas to combat the public health crisis that Black women face in pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

Ensuring they Boston area moms have the resource of doulas to recognize and combat disparities in maternal health while also supporting moms to have the birthing experiences they desire.

Women who have received doula care have reported improved health outcomes including higher rates in breastfeeding initiation, improved satisfaction with birthing experience and lowered rates of cesarean sections.

This work cannot be done without the sponsorship and donations of our amazing donors and supporters.

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Reproductive Justice Quandary, Boston College Law  

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