Top Ten Doula Bag Essentials

Updated: Jun 27

When I finished my doula training I scoured the internet endlessly looking for the tools [things] that would make my practice complete, that would solidify my doula practice.

I watched endless hours of youtube videos of Betty, Keisha, Martha and Morgan explain their MUST HAVE doula items as well as the reasons why they couldn't live without any of them.

Armed with the assumption that my doula work would be obsolete without the socks filled with rice, oil and a rebozo naturally I headed to where I find all my life answers... TJ Maxx.

Since this is a safe space, I feel safe saying that this was partially a huge fail.

Now let's be serious for a moment, TJ Maxx is my life. Just thought I'd insert that. But TJ Maxx did not have all the essentials needed to be "complete" little did I know my "essentials" were not really essentials at all. Ultimately what I needed was to define my style and philosophy in order to tailor tools that would reflect that.

I would urge all of you new (and old) doulas in to do the same; attend a birth, define your style and then head to TJ Maxx. Just kidding.. kind of.

Below is a list of things and items that I love and keep in my doula bag, maybe you'll find some inspiration. I've included amazon links to either the exact items I use or close alternatives, [full disclosure] these are affiliate links.

I also go in extent on my latest video (below), where I go in detail about each product.

Those in bold are used very often.

  1. Essential Oils

  2. Lavender

  3. Tea Tree

  4. Eucalyptus

  5. Orange

  6. Lemon

  7. Peppermint

  8. Planner

  9. Beauessence Body Oil -- mix of Jojoba oil, Almond oil & Vitamin E

  10. Diffuser

  11. Tea Lights

  12. Raw Shea Butter

  13. Socks/Change of Clothes

  14. Hand Sanitizer

  15. Eye Masks

  16. Hot/Cold packs

bonus items: snacks, straws, hair ties, phone chargers,

Links to birth essentials, affiliate links.

Birth Ball |

Diffuser |

Eye Mask |

Hot Pack |

Pool Liner |

Birth Pool |

Tea Lights |

Hope this helps!

As always I hope you all are feeling empowered in your body, empowered with your baby and empowered in your birthing experiences.


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